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Hello Creatives! I’m Amber Meyer.
A writing coach, author and self development enthusiast, who specializes in helping writers succeed.

I created a forum called Creatives Academy to help writers overcome the hurdles that prevent so many of us from fulfilling our dreams. Achieving your writing goals requires a lot of hard work, but most people never get beyond a few pages or a shaky first draft because they do not have the support or the tools they need to carry it through.  I’m here to give you both.

The Creatives Academy is a top notch community of writers within The Write Destination for people who are ready to take action, get feedback and reach their publishing goals.

Are you ready?  Here’s what comes with membership.

  • Coaching.  You will have access to a writing coach.  Your coach will answer your questions and keep you motivated through the writing process.
  • Community.  Being a writer can get lonely and it’s easy to give up.  Belonging to a community of like minded people is important to a writer’s success.
  • Accountability. Members are expected to post one piece per week for critique and to offer critiques on the work of two other members.  This is in addition to any work assigned by your coach.
  • All for only $14.99 per month.

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