We are going to write compelling stories that leave readers begging for more, sell them, and then write some more.


We are ready to take the self-publishing world by storm.  Are you?


Do you dream of finding success as a self-published author?  Have you put your work out there expecting the magic of Amazon to sell your books, only to get a harsh dose of reality as you watch your Amazon Sales Rank drop lower by the minute?  Are you determined to get serious and sell some books?


Are you ready to work with us?

If you want to be coached by Amber, you will join our exclusive new program Creatives Academy. This is our world class writing community where you get masterful coaching as well as access to genre specific forums. Learn the secrets of self-publishing success.


How is Creatives Academy Different?

Creatives Academy is different in two ways.  First, we group authors by genre so you can get feedback from other writers with the same interests.  Romance writers get feedback from romance writers instead of sci-fi fans or fantasy.  They have their own groups.  Why?  Because it just makes sense.  How many times have you got a critique from another writer that started out something like this:

“I don’t write in that genre, but here’s my opinion for what it is worth.  I hope this helps.”

This wastes not only your time, but theirs.  It’s not that they don’t want to help.  They simply don’t know the conventions and reader expectations for your particular genre. How to you know if the advice is valid?  Why not get advice from people who know?


Group Coaching

Second, you get direct access to a self-publishing professional through weekly group coaching calls.  What other forum offers that much value for the cost of less than three cappuccinos a month?  Join Today!  Seriously.  What are you waiting for?




Creatives Academy

Are you coming?

Creatives Academy is a nurturing on-line writing community that combines a supportive group of fellow writers with leadership from a mentor to guide you on your path. It is ideal for authors at any stage from novice to advanced.  Make relationships with other writers, get advice on topics that matter to you and get your author career off the ground.  Join Today!

Membership includes:

Access to a genre specific critique group and weekly coaching from an experienced self-published author.

All for only $14.99 per month. Click the button to get started!