Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition 2016

I have a wild hair and have decided that I am going to take a week off from working on my debut, breakout novel Stealing The Amber Room, to work on a short story for the Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition this year.  No my novel has not debuted or been a breakout success yet, but my theory is if I call it so long enough it will eventually happen.  Build it and they will come, right?  Right?  The deadline is January 15th.  First prize is $3,000 plus a trip to the Writer’s Digest Conference and you get your submission published in Writer’s Digest Magazine’s July/August issue.  What writer doesn’t ache to see their name in print.  I will keep you up to date on my progress.  Now I just have to come up with a winning idea.  I only have a week, but I work better under pressure.  At least, I found that to be true in college when I had a big paper due the next day and I hadn’t started on it yet.  Yes, I have been know to procrastinate.  Don’t judge me.  More later.  Happy writing!


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