Scrivener Test Drive – Free Your Inner Child

I am sitting at the library watching it rain.  The ground hog could not possibly see his shadow today.  Keep your head in the hole you furry little troublemaker. Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about my recent purchase of Scrivener writing software.  I had read reviews online and opinions were mixed so I wasn’t sure that I wanted to shell out the $43 for it, even though that isn’t a bad price.  I have to tell you, I feel like a child turned loose on a new playground.  I have been moving my book over scene by scene and putting a description of each scene on the note cards for my manuscript.  The note cards can be used for an outline.  All you have to do is click an icon.  It also has a handy snapshot feature if you are going to be editing your work and you want to be able to go back to an earlier version.  Yes, I know I could do this in Word by saving it but Scrivener makes it so easy.  The split screen features are nice too.  There are just too many awesome features to mention.  If you are serious about your writing, I definitely recommend this software, but be sure to go through the tutorial before you use it.  There is a bit of a learning curve, but it is well worth the effort.  Go unleash your inner child and as always, happy writing!


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