Under The Microscope

Okay, so I have been dissecting my manuscript piece by painful piece.  I have come to the realization that I have put my characters into so much peril and constant action that the inner working of my characters have gotten lost.  There is supposed to be a love story lurking in there and the two that are in love have hardly spoke since he found out that she was still alive.   I have taken a large stack of index cards and I have a brief description of each scene.  I am going through and analyzing each scene.  How important is that scene?  Do I need to keep it?  How can I bring out the relationships between my characters without spelling it out too much?  Are the scenes that I have planned but not written yet interesting and unpredictable enough?  Am I letting my inner critic get the best of me?  I am trying to decide how to proceed with the last third of my novel before plunging ahead.  I don’t want to waste any more time.  Sometimes, I wonder if I am procrastinating out of a fear of failure that lies deep in the recesses of my perfectionist first born brain.  Is it my writing that needs help or my psyche?  I guess my manuscript isn’t the only thing that I tend to put under the microscope.  I guess that I just need to finish it and worry about polishing later.  According to Anne Lamott, it’s okay for your first draft to be total shit.  But what is it going to be like looking at shit under a microscope?  Hopefully by next week, I will have it all resolved and I will be coasting to the ending.  Yes.  I set lofty goals.  Until then, happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Under The Microscope

  1. Dear amber I hope you get this message. Life and writing are about balance you have to find a compromise between giving your reader credit for being smart but knowing your age group as well. you also have to worry about each paragraph promoting the plot and/or suspense and/or theme and/or character. If each paragraph does one to or the blessed all of those things then you need not worry about cutting out. MY own two modes of thought that help me out in any and I do mean any given situation are “put your best words forward” and “When in doubt dumb it down” I try way to hard for things I really want and it ruins the beauty of simplicity. Now, God willing we will both get published in the same year, 2016. Hope to hear back, let me know if this was helpful, many smiles.


  2. Hi Karl. It's always nice to hear from you. I like having a friend that is a fellow writer. Not everyone understands the plight of the creative mind. That's for the words of encouragement. I have a really good feeling about 2016. I think that this is going to be our year. Smiles back at you.


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