Into The Future

Okay, It’s October 14th and I am already excited about NaNoWriMo.    I want to get my non-fiction project Puppy Love: Life Lessons In Obedience finished this month, just so I have a clean slate for next month.  It’s proving to be super motivating.  Here is a question for friends in the blogosphere though.  I have a project I have been kicking around for five years called Stealing The Amber Room.  I have 61,535 words and am approximately 20,000 words shy of completion.  I was going to use the momentum of NaNoWriMo to give me the push I need to put Stealing The Amber Room to rest.  I want so badly to send it off for a developmental edit and move into the next phase of my self-publishing dreams.  This is my last year of stay home motherhood as the twins go to Kindergarten next year and my husband wants me to get a paying job in fall of 2017.  Also, very motivating.  So here is the question.  Is it unethical to use NaNoWriMo to get a project finished?  I have an idea for another project set during the gold rush.  I could start fresh on that, but then I question whether or not this is resistance rearing it’s ugly head and trying to keep me from reaching my goal.
Also, I want to give everyone a heads-up on December.  I am going to be featuring Charles Dickens and will be writing a short story in the style of Dickens.  By this, I mean that I will be using his techniques in a new, original story of my own.  My intention is in no form or fashion to commit plagiarism.  I am inviting my fellow scribes to write your own Dickens inspired piece and send it to me.  Join my e-mail list and send me your Dickens piece via e-mail!  I will then choose the most noteworthy stories to post on my blog.  I look forward to seeing all of my writing buddies out there in NaNoWriMo.  Until then, happy writing!

One thought on “Into The Future

  1. Unethical to use NaNoWriMo? Never. That's what it's all about! We all (us writers) have every imaginable challenge to overcome as we embark on this journey of writing something that gets published. NaNoWriMo is there to help writers bust through those challenges and actually get the word count done, the rough draft that is soooo elusive. If you have a draft of the entire work, going back and editing it is the LEAST of your worries. Right? I mean, let's face it. YOU DID IT! You wrote an entire story. That it might not be polished enough to publish is expected. So, dive in! Get that draft cranked out. Immerse yourself in the act of writing.

    Godspeed 🙂


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