Victory! Well Almost.

Okay, I have been a bad girl.  I admit it.  I haven’t blogged in over a month, but I have a completed first draft to show for it, so you will forgive me right?  Does that mean my book is finished and ready to go to an editor?  I wish.  I have just over seventy thousand words complete and yet I feel like I only have the skeleton of the finished product.  I have just finished reading Story by Robert McKee and I am reading the Story Grid by Shawn Coyne now and taking notes.  As soon as I’m finished reading Story Grid, I am going to story grid Water For Elephants because I feel like it is in the same genre as what I am trying to write.  I think that I should learn enough from that to start putting the story grid on my on own first draft to figure out which parts are working and which parts I need to throw out.  I will update you next week on how my story grid works out on Water For Elephants.  Until then, if you haven’t checked out Shawn Coyne’s podcast, I highly recommend it.

The Marathon

I have 55,000 words complete so far.  Yes, that is a huge accomplishment, but I still have about 25,000 words left.  This is a monumental task, but I have convinced myself that I am up to the challenge.  I have an outline but, I am starting to get a sinking feeling that something is missing.  My efforts feel forced.  This week, I discovered the story grid design by Shawn Coyne.  He has a very helpful podcast.  I’ve decided to use this tool to break down my story and it’s structure and try to identify the problems that have caused me to lose my oomph.  Next week, I will let you know what I have figured out.  Until then, check out the The Story Grid Podcast.  It is really enlightening.  I’m not finished with the race, I’m just taking a water break.  Happy writing!