Puppy Love: Life Lessons in Disobedience

Stay-at-home mothers unite!  I want you in my army.  As soon as I get enough time, I’m going to take over the world.  Insert evil laughter here… Seriously, can you imagine if the whole world had to eat their vegetables and play nice?

Sometimes a life filled with love needs a little bit of itching powder…

Amber thought that marrying her childhood sweetheart would transform her life into a dream. It didn’t take long to learn that navigating the trials and tribulations of marriage would take a wickedly dry sense of humor and more than a little optimism. Life has blessed Amber with a treasure trove of stories to tell… some painful, others sidesplittingly hilarious.

Whether it be the death of her father-in-law followed close at hand by the arrival of an incorrigible yellow lab, or a dose of marital communication with a few pinches of strategically-placed itching powder, Amber has learned to stay true to herself. Even when she has to pull her three kids into the mayhem.

Told through the lens of her raucous adventures, you’ll discover:

  • How to achieve happiness using humor as your best weapon
  • How to break free of social anxiety and learn to love yourself for who you are
  • How to follow your heart in a world full of naysayers, and much, much more!

Puppy Love is one part spirited self-help book and one part coming-of-middle-age memoir. If you like true-life love stories, witty humor, and unique takes on personal development, then you’ll love Amber Meyer’s unforgettable collection of tales.

Buy Puppy Love today to start living every day with a smile.