Managing Your Time To Increase Your Productivity

The recurring theme in my life the past week has been time.  We all get 24 hours in a day.  I wanted to be sure that I am getting them most out of mine.  I went to the office supply store and purchased a day planner and I started budgeting all of my time.  I scheduled my writing time as well as my fun time.  I noticed an interesting thing happened after I laid it all out in black and white.  I started using my time differently.  If I had a free hour that wasn’t filled in, I started thinking about the best and most efficient way to spend that hour.  Now instead of taking the kids home to grab a quick lunch before heading off on our next excursion, I will take them to a restaurant and have a decent meal and enjoy myself instead of wasting most of it on travel time.  I have been more productive with my writing as well.  If you have it written down that you are going to write at a certain time, then you feel more obligated to sit down and do it.  You are holding yourself accountable to getting it done.  If things get crazy and I don’t end up using my time the way I had planned, I don’t beat myself up about it too much though.  I think of it as a useful guide.  Its a tool to get the most out of my life, not a set in stone ball and chain kind of thing.   You don’t want to drive yourself crazy with it.  It has definitely been enlightening for me.  I would recommend trying it.  See for yourself if you don’t see your life differently when it is all laid out on paper before you.  Until next week, happy writing!

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